1. Tell me exactly how you reward your doctors for cost containment. I want to be sure that your system won’t keep me from having needed tests or seeing a specialist.
  2. Describe how you ensure that I will always be treated by a competent, well-trained physician with no black marks on his/her record.
  3. Let me know up front who decides what is “medically necessary” in my case.
  4. Tell me how I can appeal a medical decision that I don’t think is correct, and tell me how soon I will get your answer.
  5. Assure me that I will have free choice of physicians within your Plan. Also tell me who pays if I want to see a doctor outside your Plan.
  6. Tell me what percentage of your revenue actually goes to treat patients as compared with marketing, administration and profit.
  7. Describe how you decide what drugs to provide for your patients. I need to be sure that I can get the best drug for my particular medical problem. I have heard that generic drugs and other substitute drugs can be dangerously inadequate.
  8. Tell me how you decide when I get to see a specialist.
  9. Give me an easy way to let you know what I think about the quality of care your staff provides. Reward those who get high ratings.
  10. Describe to me how I will get prompt care in a medical emergency. Tell me whether you will charge me if I have to go outside your system.

If you’re thinking of joining an HMO, or of changing from one HMO to another, send out the “TEN COMMANDMENTS for HMOs” . Ask the HMO to respond with answers. If they don’t answer, or if you don’t like the answers, DON’T JOIN that HMO. Do the same with another HMO until you find one that answers your consumer concerns.

PLEASE COPY the “TEN COMMANDMENTS for HMOs” and DISTRIBUTE FREELY. When more people ask good questions and insist on answers, we’ll have better consumer protection for everybody.

NOTE: Colorado is pioneer in requiring health insurance companies to provide extensive information to all potential policyholders.

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Fungi are microorganisms penetrating the body and causing an infection. Fungi can invade any part of the human organism being blood, throat, mouth, lungs, genital area, bladder, brain. Continue reading

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How can Nexium assist in treating gastric disorders and coping with epigastric burning?

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Tips on how to cope with side impact in the course of Flagyl treatment?

Getting under Flagyl remedy you should be constantly examined and examined to monitor the enhancements and your human body response. It truly is important to complete the training of Flagyl therapy as any interruptions in the remedy training course may well flip the infection getting handled resistible for the actions of the medication. Then this infection will demand an additional cure –

Except the situation when a affected person can miss a dose you’ll find scenarios when Flayl appears to be impossible to bring additional because the symptoms and facet results are much too serious and very difficult tolerated with the patient. Nevertheless there are some suggestions which might support to survive via the training course of treatment easily. Continue reading

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Five techniques to Buy Azithromycin Online no Prescription and recover from your bacterial infection.

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How to avoid the withdrawal impact. Ciprofloxacin Without Prescription manual.

Antibiotics are typically not provoking any withdrawal effect as their motion is just aimed at aiding the immune system to battle an infection, inflammation or bacteria from the body. These therapies usually are not substituting any method within the entire body of the patient so there should be no signs of withdrawal when you comprehensive the training course of Ciprofloxacin. However this Ciprofloxacin on the net manual will provide the major signs which may possibly create in a individual if the course of Ciprofloxacin is accomplished. Continue reading

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Buy Cheap Tamoxifen Online – a brand new chance for regular life!

When a individual is diagnosed cancer or is positioned in a group of large chance of cancer diseases the announcement helps make the person desperate and brings into panic. A number of cancer patients continue to be comparatively peaceful, on the other hand you will discover scenarios of psychological imbalance following the diagnosing of your deadly sickness.

Nolvadex can be a new remedy being an estrogen receptors antagonist and performing high efficiency in treating and preventing the advancement of breast cancer in girls and adult males. Continue reading

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Clomid is a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) applied for treating woman infertility within a method of stimulation the ovulation (if it can be feasible). Even so the remedy is additionally utilized for treating hypogonadism in guys. In rare scenarios it’s utilized by athletes as anabolic steroid for restoring the natural testosterone production. On the other hand this sort of utilization of Clomid is forbidden by anti-doping associations. Clomid is often a potent remedy on the other hand it can be prescribed only in situations once the follicle is developed but requires a hormonal stimulation. Clomid won’t carry out any outcome n cure infertility when follicles are usually not created. Continue reading

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